Our Vision

  • To be recognised and respected UK wide and beyond as the professional body for employers and individuals in the “Intelligent Infrastructure Technologies” industry
  • To be established as the body that sets and monitors engineering and operational standards for the “Intelligent Infrastructure Technologies” industry to the highest level
  • To enable employers and individuals to influence the competence requirements at all occupation levels in the “Intelligent Infrastucture Technologies” industry
  • To encourage codes of conduct and practice in the industry that are compatible with and reflect society and the environment at large
  • To facilitate and provide advice and guidance that enables individuals to progress in their career as appropriate to their aspirations
  • To be the body of choice for forward-thinking individuals and organisations in terms of technological development and future skills sets

Our Values

  • To endeavour to be professional, ethical, respectful and diverse
  • To provide and facilitate services that are of high quality and can be maintained
  • To positively respond to the needs of individuals in the industry irrespective of their job role
  • To embed professional practices in the industry through the sharing of knowledge, experience and thoughts for the future