Complaints and course Feedback

Complaints and Feedback Policy & Procedure


We very much value the opinions of our employees, employer contacts and learners, as such information is fed back into our strategic and operational activities.

We treat all complaints and feedback with an appropriate level of seriousness as befits the content of the communication made.

By its nature, a formal complaint is likely to be more serious than feedback, but both are important to us and will be treated in a fair, objective and appropriate manner by those assigned to handle each case.

Irrespective of which type of submission is made, it will be processed quickly, equitably and professionally.


Stage 1

All submissions made on the `Complaints & Feedback Form` (Appendix 1), received by us, will in the first instance be considered by the manager responsible for the service about which the feedback is given, or complaint made.

The first line of dealing with a complaint/feedback is to consider if it is simply frivolous, vexatious or mischief making. In the event of a form being deemed initially as that, the manager concerned will speak with a Director to verify the `nature` of the submission, and have it approved to either continue with the submission or file appropriately with no action.

If the submission is deemed as a genuine complaint/feedback, the manager will progress it to stage 2

Stage 2

For Feedback

The manager will contact the sender within 5 working days, thanking them for their submission.

The manager will then assign an appropriate employee, or continue him/herself, to act accordingly on the feedback.

Where actions are taken or changes made as a result of the feedback the assigned person will advise the sender of the outcome shortly thereafter.

For a Complaint

The sender will be advised of receipt of the submission within 3 working days, and asked at that time to submit anything the manager deems necessary to consider the matter further.

The manager will proceed to investigate the matter(s) complained of gathering appropriate evidence through discussion with anyone named, examination of documents or other evidence, and may wish to speak with the sender for clarity. The Complaints & Feedback Form represents a key document in these considerations.

If it is found after due diligence that the complaint is unfounded, the sender is to be notified in writing of this outcome immediately, and of their option to pursue this matter further, to a more senior employee, if they so wish.

If the complaint is found to have substance, and action is required, if the manager has appropriate responsibility, the manager is to proceed as appropriate with addressing the matter, possibly using other business Policies & Procedures, or outside bodies Policies & Procedures as appropriate. If the manager is not of an appropriate level of responsibility, the matter is to be referred to an appropriate manager immediately.

It may be the case that after investigating the complaint, disciplining an employee, may appear to be an appropriate course of action. If this is the case the assigned manager will transfer all information and documents relating to the complaint to a more senior manager to consider further, and invoke the `Disciplinary Policy & Procedure` if/as appropriate. If this line is taken, this Procedure is suspended, and the Disciplinary Policy & Procedure followed to completion.

The manager will advise the sender, in writing, of any outcomes arising from their complaint within 5 working days of having concluded the matter. If discipline is the outcome, the sender will only be advised in writing that appropriate disciplinary action has been taken, but no other detail.

Stage 3


If someone who has made a complaint is unhappy or remains aggrieved with the outcome of Stage 2, (s)he may ask for the case to be re-considered by a Director.

Such an `appeal` must be made in writing within 5 working days of receipt.

An appropriate Director will re-consider the case, including how it has been handled, and notify the appellant of his/her findings within 3 working days of concluding the re-consideration.

At this stage, our internal processes for dealing with complaints is at an end.

The complainant may however have re-course to an external body if they remain unsatisfied, and where a Director is advising the complainant that the initial finding stands, that external body (if identifiable) will be made known to the complainant at that time.


Where to send your Feedback or Complaint

If you wish to make a submission regard feedback or complaint, please use the appropriate form, contained in Appendix 1.

Once completed, please send to –

Business & People Support

Pentland ACL

416 Hamilton Road



G72 7XR

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