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Pentland ACL

A full suite of ITA (Individual Training Account) funded courses are available on line.

Individual Training Account allows you to fund courses, allowing you to upskill, retrain or take a qualification. (conditions apply) All our courses are now available on line and with Pentland ACL E Portfolio..

Training and qualifications throughout the UK

Project Management, Management and Administration, Information, Communications and Telecommunications and Data Communications

Company Overview

Pentland A.C.L operates in the training and education sector specialising in the training and delivery of Vocational Qualifications and Apprenticeships in England and Modern Apprenticeships in Scotland for the following subjects:
ICT (Information and Communications Technologies) inc Data and structured cabling, Management and Administration, Project Management and Mechanical Engineering.

Programme Delivery

Our programmes are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of our customers. These programmes are supported by a quality assurance system characterised by clearly expressed polices and procedures approved by the National Bodies responsible for the Qualifications and Apprenticeships. Vocational qualifications are recognised qualifications that prove someone has the skills, knowledge and ability required for a job role. Our qualified assessors will assess the competence of the candidate in the workplace during their day-to-day work, using an agreed assessment strategy, designed to cause minimum disruption to work schedules.

Apprenticeships and Modern apprenticeships are approved packages of qualifications that have been approved by each industry as to what constitutes a proper Apprenticeship.

Benefits of Apprenticeships and Vocational Qualifications (VQs)

By offering Apprenticeships and VQs you can demonstrate your commitment to your employees’ career and personal development. Apprenticeships and VQs represent a cost effective, structured and measurable system of staff development, offering increased efficiency and improved staff morale. Apprenticeships and VQs can link with your existing training and development programmes and offer a certificated outcome.

For Further Information call 0141 642 0510

What we can

do for you

  • Delivery and management of Apprentice and Modern Apprenticeship Programmes.
  • Delivery of Scottish and English Vocational Qualifications.
  • Sourcing and management of funding.
  • Core skills and Key skills assessment.
  • Assessor and Verifier Qualifications.
  • Assessment and Verification.
  • Training Needs Analysis.
  • Vocational Related Qualifications.
  • Vocational training courses developed to order.
  • Online BTEC certified courses.
  • Troubleshooting failed Apprenticeship programmes, we have a 100% success rate.
  • Personal / Team Behavioral Profiling.
  • Levy and Non Levy funding management

UAV, UAS, UGV, Drone, Robotic, Design & Development, Consultancy and Courses.

Suitable for students or organisations wishing to enter the drone development Aerospace sector.

Areas covered

  • Design and Development
  • Manufacturing techniques including composite moulding.
  • Flight control systems.
  • Aerodynamics.
  • Propulsion systems.
  • Robotic control systems
  • Robotic drive systems.
  • Power and Battery technology.
  • Testing.

PPD1 illustrated is one of one of our non-covert products. Features

  • Very Fast Deployment (10sec)
  • Multi Role: with its quick-change mission modules and releasable cargo pods up to 10 kilos.
  • Sensor: Three Axis gyro stabilised turret module
  • Weather: proof and extreme environment shielded.
  • Flexibility: and simplicity of use, one-person operation or fully autonomous.
  • Control: PPD1 can be piloted on site or from a control room.
  • Sensors: Optical, Flir, Lidar, Hyperspectral, electronics of your choice.

A new way of online learning for Business, Schools, Colleges and Universities.

You will have heard of web boards but not like this.

This new way of learning / teaching is already being used by high level business consultants.In the clip you will see one of our customers from DoTank delivering a presentation using the system.We are the only manufacturer in the UK of this type of teaching system.  Unlike other Web board systems, you face the candidates/audience whilst presenting and drawing on the interface.The web boards come in 3 sizes, complete and ready to use (including training).  Each unit includes Hardware, software and everything you need to get started.

Discover its possibilities;