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Strategic and Learning Programme Consultants

At Pentland ACL we are committed to supporting and working closely with local and UK national businesses to provide high quality earning and development programmes.

We can provide nationally recognised training and qualification programmes designed to meet your ongoing development requirements.

We will design and support learning for all your employees in the role of management, at all levels.

Pentland ACL has a proven track record over 23 years with highly qualified, enthusiastic staff who will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss your requirements in detail and advise on funding opportunities.

What Pentland does

Strategic Development and Learning Programmes (The holistic approach)

What Pentland does

Behavioural profiling
Management team profiling
Management training + consultancy
Supervisory training
Team leader Training
More efficient team working
Skills training and qualifications in Datacomms, Telecommunications, IT, Engineering,
Increased retention and motivation

The Results

The right people in the right job
Tighter more productive teams
Changes in management structure
Better organisation
More efficient team working
Increased retention and motivation
Higher quality of work
Practical and responsive reactions to organizational issues
Significant improvements in cost and quality
Significant improvements in Staff retention
Increased awareness of Health and Safety
Application of new skills and techniques